QC Old Girl Tasks Youths on Talent Discovery to Curb Unemployment


A young entrepreneur, poet and an old girl of Queen’s College, Yaba, Lagos, Mrs. Modupeola Kalejaiye has called on Nigerian youths to work hard at discovering the special talents deposited in them that would complement whatever career they intend to pursue in life.

Kalejaiye, who graduated from the school in 2010, disclosed this at the launch of her maiden book, ‘Elan Vital’ (Essence), a collection of poems, recently in Lagos.

According to her, the crave by youths for certification and white collar jobs which incidentally are no longer available is part of the reason for the increasing rate of unemployment in the country.

She added that the narrative could be reversed if only the youths could embrace entrepreneurship by ensuring that they get focused, determined and persevere.

The writer noted that there is hardly anyone that is created without a special gift, but that the ability to discover, harness and showcase the gift is key.

“Our youths today must look beyond this craze for certification and try and do something with their hands, be self-dependent as well as job creators. The earlier they realise and discover this, the better it will be for the nation.

“I am an accounting graduate, but has passion for writing. Today, I am an entrepreneur, I own my own business; I am a chef. What inspired me to go into writing was borne out of my mood often times.

“Every situation I find myself, I try to cash into the opportunity to express my feelings through write ups.
“So most of the poems in this book basically mirrow how I see life. It did not come easy. I had to write over and over again to get a true picture of what I intend to achieve. Being my first outing as a writer, I wanted to get a great result which I am happy, turned out that way.

“Life is not all about what you studied in school that you have to pursue. We must dig dip to bring out other sides of life. My first attempt of writing poems was actually trash but with time, I got better, and here we are today,” she said.

The 105-page book comprises short poems with themes such as ‘A Drop of Affection’, ‘Beautiful Lady’, ‘I’m Relieved’, ‘Life and Honest’, among others.
She said the book is recommended for all.