Bathe More with Hot Water for Improved Health, Group Tells Nigerians


Vanessa Obioha
Ariston Thermo Group, a global expert in water heating and heating products, has advised Nigerians to bathe more with warm water to boost their health.

In a publication, the group relayed that bathing with warm water has significant benefits beyond the feel-good factor, with some studies placing its health advantages on par with physical exercise.
It states that the heat from the water not only helps to kick start one’s day, but also decreases stress.

“Heat from the water stimulates the heart to work harder and faster, thereby accelerating blood flow around the body. It is also been proven to enhance oxytocin levels, which in turn, elevates the mood and lowers stress.”

Citing a research carried out by Neil Morris, a psychologist at the University of Wolverhampton in the United Kingdom, the Group said bathing in warm water can significantly advance general psychological wellness.

“Morris studied 80 people who took a bath with warm water each day for a fortnight and found that it diminished feelings of depression and pessimism while developing a pleasurable and hedonic tone.

“A warm shower before bedtime typically soothes the body, mind and nerves. Apart from that, warm water also affects the body’s production of melatonin – the hormone that regulates sleep.”
Another benefit of bathing with warm water, according to the group, was that it lowers blood pressure and promotes muscle healing.

The Director, Central Africa, Gaurav Bisaria said: “Taking a regular warm bath – with its circulation and vascular function advantages – can help reduce blood pressure and stiffen blood vessels.

“The effect of heat-induced blood flow on the body is tantamount to a light exercise session. The warmth encourages muscles to expand and contract while loosening joints, tendons and tissues.”

He further stated that although not an enduring cure for pain, five minutes under warm water can considerably ease pain, spur healing and restrict inflammation. “It is a more convenient alternative than a massage and more organic than medical treatments”.

Other benefits of bathing with warm water listed by the group include elimination of bacteria, weight loss, and diabetes control, as well as a good relief for cold and cough symptoms.