ATR Delivers Green Financed Aircraft


World’s number one regional aircraft manufacturer, ATR has announced the delivery of the first evergreen financed aircraft to Swedish regional airline Braathens Regional Airlines (BRA). The aircraft is financed by Deutsche Bank. It is part of a new order for five 72-600s, all purchased by Aviation from ATR and leased to BRA.

Upon completion of the order in early 2020, the airline would itself operate an entirely ATR fleet, comprised of 15 ATR 72-600 aircraft.

Vigeo Eiris, one of the world’s leading independent agencies providing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) ratings, said the project of replacing ageing regional jets with new ATR 72-600 aircraft was aligned with the Green Loan Principles (GLP) established by the Loan Market Association in 2018.

This first ever Green Financing of an aircraft confirms the high sustainable value of the modern ATR turboprop aircraft. The ATR 72-600 aircraft has a significant environmental advantage over regional jets and other turboprops emitting 40 per cent less CO2. Turboprops are more efficient than jets on short sectors as they accelerate air using less power, so use less fuel.

Commenting on the feat, the BRA CEO, Geir Stormorken said: “We have made a commitment to decrease our environmental impact and the ATR is an essential part of our strategy.

“With that as a goal, it simply makes sense to choose the most efficient aircraft. By replacing parts of our existing fleet of regional jets with ATR 72-600 aircraft we will emit 7,500 fewer tonnes of CO2 per aircraft, per year. We believe that aviation is an essential part of Sweden’s regional transport network and we look forward to showing our passengers and the Swedish public at large that there is a sustainable way of flying.”