Rufai Saleem Heralds ‘Failure is Growth’

Rufai Saleem

Rufai Saleem Mayowa is a social media influencer and digital marketing expert, with years of experience in the social media world. He has undoubtedly immensed himself in the operations and beyond doubt has become an authority in it.

Speaking on his new campaign tagged: ‘Failure is Growth’, he said: “Of course, everybody can, everybody has failed at a point or the other. It’s completely normal to have the feeling of getting sad or emotional whenever something doesn’t go your way or whenever something doesn’t go as planned. And Yes I have, a lot, a lot of times experienced failure.’

Rufai furthered shared a failure experience: “Well, during the period when I was trying to learn about how to be a social media influencer, I had to learn virtually and remotely. I didn’t really have anybody to guide me or show me anything in particular, I simply had to observe the people who I thought were doing well in it, and I simply tried to learn their ways. So basically, I had a lot of challenges starting up and understanding a lot of skills and concepts. I made a lot of mistakes and I failed different times, but, every mishap and failure that I had, turned out to help me in different ways. In my opinion, Failure is growth.”

He was inspired by so many others who have success story to share from their growth through social media. His belief is that there’s no manual or shortcut to anything. You only need to have a plan, work towards it, and pray hard. If it’s going right, then you’re doing something wrong. Always expect hurdles and setback, and whenever you’re stuck, don’t give up.