Carl Umegboro, public affairs analyst and Associate, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.


Not A Good Sign

As the year comes to an end Santa reappears and visits shopping centers for photos and pleas from thousands of children lying about how well they have behaved this year. Situation normal.

The Santa seat is in the middle of the shopping centre ready for his arrival but there is a sign saying he won’t be there Friday the 13th. I doubt that Santa is superstitious or out on the town so he must have gone north to update the naughty-nice lists. Situation a bit odd.

Another sign states “This Santa Set is under constant video surveillance”, presumably to stop any unauthorized late night stolen photo opportunities. Situation a bit sad.

It’s just a small shopping centre filled mostly with seniors drinking coffee slowly and little else. The spirit of Christmas is attached to the walls and halls although the Santa Set signs diminish it.

There is a time for coming together and celebrating the best life brings to everyone around the world but the signs are not good. Let’s work on it or Santa might have to take this season off.

Dennis Fitzgerald, Melbourne, Australia .