Bola Tinubu’s Son, Seyi, Celebrates Mom at 60



The Igbo have a name that expresses with simplicity the veneration with which mothers are held in this part of the world. Nneka — mother is supreme. Indeed, the ties of blood that bind mother and child cannot be explained away as merely an accident of biology. It is as mysterious as it is uplifting.

Seyi Tinubu, the first son of the godfather of Lagos politics, Bola Tinubu, certainly takes seriously his duty of care to his mother. Bunmi Oshonaike, Seyi’s biological mother, clocked 60 a few days back and Seyi used the opportunity to show her and the world how much he cares for her.

Not too many people know that his mother is not Senator Oluremi, Tinubu’s wife but that didn’t stop Seyi from going all out to make his mother’s birthday memorable. Although it was kind of a low-key affair, the few people invited to the occasion still enjoyed a very palatial experience.

Weeks before the D-day, Seyi, his beautiful wife Layla, and his cousin Olumide, had put heads together to plan the event. It held on November 16 at the prestigious Vintage Point Event Centre. Everything was on point as the ageless Bunmi celebrated her sexagenarian age in the company of her loved ones.

The highlight of the occasion remained the celebrant who threw off any apparent limitations of age and partied to her heart’s content, accompanied by her sisters. She stepped out in a blush pink beaded gown that fit her curvy body that made everyone ooh and aah in admiration.

Contrary to the expectations of many who thought the event would be used to launder Seyi’s image ahead of his rumoured political ambition, it was more of a family affair as most of the attendees were known to mother or son. The celebrant remained the focus of the event all through with Seyi playing the role of a dutiful and happy son. It was an occasion to savour for the duo who don’t get to see each other too often.

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