Gontalo Debiasi Confirmed FC Bulmaro Head Coach


In fulfillment of one of the cardinal points of Blaugrana Sports Group International and Barca Academy, Lagos, the only one in Sub-Saharan Africa, it has signed Gontalo Debiasi from Argentina as the chief coach exclusively for the Academy’s under 19 team, FC Bulmaro and to boost the strength of the overall technical department of the Academy.

This is to ensure that it lives up to the bidding of being the continent’s first choice for those who know the importance of quality skill, education and training founded on uncompromising globally acceptable values and the second to none FC Barcelona methodology.

Introducing the new coach to the media, Benjamin Ashaka, Director Talent Management, Blaugrana Sports Group International, promoters of the youth club and Barca Academy, Lagos, said the academy was bent on ensuring that the institution set a standard in line with the global brand approach and niche in doing things, raising the bar to the level that it will be very challenging for competition to beat and in so doing add good value and worth to the industry. As well as improve the quality and standard of the game of football.

“The confirmation was done after series of trials, particularly during the Nigeria League One, which the team exhibited evidences that it is here for serious business. Our intention is to strive in our own way to be Africa’s first choice when it comes to football education, talent management and be highly so recognised worldwide,” he said. 

In her contribution, Mrs. Omowunmi Aduragba, the Group Consultant, for the People and Talent Management Team, explained that, “the accomplishment of our goals and objectives and realisation of our ideals and mission is solely dependent on the capacity, worth and quality of our human capital, which is the very key in the organisation’s route to sustainable attainments and success. Thus, we will stop at nothing to engage the best and trusted hands for we want to remain the best and be undoubtedly trusted. 

“Gontalo is a well experienced and seasoned professional who has carved a niche for himself internationally, his joining the group is the beginning of the new drive for our overall management team. With us, the byword is excellent with the highest premium on stake holders returns. It is a promise we must keep. To walk this talk, we must keep running at a speed that will keep competition on the edge. This is our game plan for the sector,” she reiterated. 

It was also revealed that the Academy has engaged a global medical concern to oversee the budding medical department of the institute. 

“This unit takes charge of on the spot medical examination, checks and treatments of students during sessions. The health and safety of our players and students is paramount, it is an area we pay serious attention to…” she stated.  She also revealed that a foreign physical trainer is joining the technical team in the shortest possible time.

However, the Group has set the tone for the preparation for its participation in the next global competition coming up in Barcalona, Spain, towards the start of the New Year. It is billed to enter teams in all the categories from infantile to cadet. This is one of the group’s ways of exposing its burden talents and the students to the outside world and spurs them to live their dreams and availing themselves of the rich opportunities of such tournaments.