Michael Afolaranmi Becomes King of Small Chops


Success as we know it is like a jealous housewife: predict her moods with care and you will end up with the best of meals, the best of homes, and bragging rights to outlast a thousand suns. Make the slightest gaffe, stare too long elsewhere, even a pim when you should not: you will find yourself with Ozymandias, king of kings and lord of despair.

Introducing, Michael Afolaranmi. He is a business genius. He is a CEO. He is a pastor. We hastily move to add that he is married – for the hard-working ladies out there.

One of the most outstanding and yet completely understandable facts about Afolaranmi is that he started out as an unknown quantity. There was no Harvard Business School, no Oxford boots or Cambridge suits. His very origin invites challenge as if to say that he started small and would do so again.

Anyway, his launching pad was not in science and mechanics or IT or politics. No, he started out with food. And look where it got him! He conceived the idea of a small chops business. Coming at a time when most people were looking for the easiest and biggest ways to wealth, it required no small measure of cojones to choose small chops over other ventures that looked more lucrative.

He took his time to lovingly nurture that idea, cooking it – if you will – through the stages of pregnancy until it became a proper enterprise. And that’s how 12 Baskets came to be. Now, 12 Baskets has become a force to reckon with in the catering industry, providing small chops and snacks at the biggest events hosted by the rich and famous. The man himself is not so bad. In fact, besides his first calling – to food and catering – he also answered the second, which was a call of ministry. Although he is still Michael Afolaranmi, the CEO of 12 Baskets Finger foods is also the assistant pastor at the Redeemed Christian Church of God.

If you think that will blunt the edge of his business acumen and stride, you know nothing. Michael continues to dominate and dictate the march of the catering sector. With appealing re-branding and touch-up, he just might pull 5,000 into his congregation and feed them, as he appears to be doing with small chops.