Tizeti Set to Boost Broadband Penetration with 4G LTE


In line with its focus on accelerating access to affordable broadband connectivity in Africa’s underserved populations, Tizeti, West Africa’s pioneer solar-based internet service provider, has launched its 4G LTE network in Nigeria.

Announcing the rollout of high-speed 4G services in Rivers, Ogun and Edo states in a first phase launch, Tizeti’s Chief Executive Officer, Kendall Ananyi promised that its 4G connectivity would empower more Nigerians in South-south and South-west states, stimulate economic activities and provide unlimited access to affordable and reliable broadband services.
The launch follows the build of brand new, solar-powered, 4G-capable towers in Port Harcourt, where Tizeti will offer its first 4G and internet services, to be followed by new towers in Ogun and Edo states.

Ananyi believes that the new solution will boost internet penetration in the states and contribute to accelerating digital transformation across Nigeria.

“Access to affordable and reliable unlimited internet connectivity has been an intractable problem for a lot of Nigerian businesses and residential customers, especially for people in Edo, Rivers and Ogun states. To address this and provide a sustainable and cost-effective solution, we leverage our solar-powered, always-on towers and robust internet bandwidth from MainOne to create a low CAPEX and OPEX network of owned and operated towers. This allows us to offer customers unlimited internet at 30 to 50 per cent the cost of traditional mobile data plans,” Ananyi said.

The launch of its 4G network provides Tizeti the opportunity to drive the growth in demand for e-Commerce, music, interactive games and video consumption in Nigeria, especially from popular social media apps that have integrated video calling and video stories as well as content sites such as YouTube, Netflix, and Iroko.

Tizeti is a fast-growing Wireless Internet service provider in Lagos, Nigeria, delivering high-speed unlimited wi-fi Internet access to residential and business customers using wide-area Wi-Fi.