Softcom Supports AI Democratisation for Socio-economic Impact


Softcom is supporting easy access to artificial intelligence (AI) learning in partnership with Data Science Nigeria with an AI for business leaders’ masterclass and the official release of the first AI book for Nigeria’s primary and secondary schools.

Softcom, an indigenous technology company, is a leader in deploying technological solutions to solve socio-economic development challenges on the continent. The company is known for its people-centric innovations aimed at shaping inclusive growth, creating high-quality employment opportunities, and improving people and business operations in Africa.

According to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Softcom, Yomi Adedeji, “We always strive to build solutions and technology that will positively impact the lives of people. We recognise that with artificial intelligence applications across all socio-economic sectors, we can catalyse a new wave of sustainable innovations, enabling all-round societal impact. At Softcom, we understand that artificial intelligence is critical for national competitiveness and local innovation, hence our drive towards making the knowledge available to everyone, from kids in primary schools to CEOs whose decisions shape the corporate future of our national business landscape”.

The one-day AI Demystified masterclass for executives and business leaders aims to equip business decision makers to understand the concept of AI and its applications, imparting a clear understanding of how it can catalyse Nigeria’s businesses to have sustainable impacts through innovative solution development, cost reductions and improve operational efficiency.

The masterclass will be facilitated by some of world’s best including one of the fathers of AI Professor Thomas Dietterich, the US-based distinguished professor emeritus at Oregon State University and the founder of BigML.