Obi: Only Revolution of Mindset Will Change Nigeria

Peter Obi

Alex Enumah in Abuja

Vice presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the February 23 election, Mr. Peter Obi, Wednesday said it’s only revolution of the mindset and change of perception by the youths that would usher in a new Nigeria desired by all.

Obi said in today’s world, one did not need to carry out the kind of revolution that was done in the past, explaining that revolution is being disrupted every day by ideas and knowledge.

He made the remarks in Abuja, while speaking during the Law Faculty week of Baze University.

Obi, who spoke on the theme: “The Role of Young Nigerians in the Development of Sub-Saharan Africa,” said: “In the case of election, it is you, young Nigerians that will elect the leaders that you want, it is you that will question the leaders.”

He added that young Nigerians must be made to understand that nations that were doing well today went through a revolution, adding that Nigeria needs to drive development within the sub Saharan Africa in order to assume her right position.

Explaining the nature of the revolution that is required in today’s Nigeria, Obi said it was not the old type of revolution understood in terms of guns and cudgels, but the type of revolution that saw digital camera displacing manual ones; electric cars threatening to displace fuel-driven cars; knowledge economy displacing baggage economy; industries displacing manual production, among others.

The vice presidential candidate, who advised the youths to remain committed to positive ideals, reminded them that one of the problems of Nigeria was the celebration of impunity and corruption, whereby Nigerians clap and dance with those destroying the country because of their ability to part with stolen money.