Diri ‘ll Take Over From Me, Insists Dickson

Seriake Dickson

Emmanuel Addeh

Gover Seriake Dickson of Bayelsa State has maintained that he will be succeeded by Senator Douye Diri, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate on February 14, when his tenure would have ended.

Speaking in Kolokuma/Opokuma, Diri’s hometown, Dickson urged the voters in the area to come out in their number to confirm that the PDP is the only party for the Ijaw people.

According to the governor, of all the candidates Diri remains the most credible, competent and would consolidate on his achievements.

“Douye is your own, but he has become our own. We have voted him again and again. You have been with him and you know him, you also know that Douye cannot be compared with other candidates” he said.

He took a swipe at former governor, Timipre Sylva, leader of the APC in Bayelsa, accusing the Petroleum minister of working against the opening of the airport facility.

“We built the airport , but Timipre Sylva and his cohorts are saying they should not give us license. They are abusing us for building an airport. Has he built any road or has the APC federal government done anything for KOLGA? Have they done anything for your people?

” All the votes, 52,000 or so PVCs collected votes in kolokuma/ opukuma on Saturday will go to PDP. Every vote in KOLGA will go to PDP. It is my honour and privilege to present our candidate senator Diri who will take over from me as the next governor of this state” he insisted.

In his remarks, Diri said that he was aware of a plan to intimidate voters and scare them away from voting centres.

“You can attest by the crowd you are seeing, this is only a constituency campaign, constituency 2 of Kolokuma/ Opokuma . You can see the affirmation and nobody will tell you that this place is not 100 percent PDP.

“As I have told them, the plot by the opposition to come in here to shoot guns ,people are plotting to come to Opokuma to scare you, to intimidate you so that they can make people not to come out to vote, but the Kolokuma/Opokuma people are resolved.

” Out of all the struggle of Adaka Boro today, they have a first fruit by being one of the sons nominated for the post of governorship. The Kolokuma/Opukuma people are resolved that they will bring in 100 percent for PDP” Diri said.

Tonye Isenah, erstwhile Speaker of the Bayelsa House of Assembly, urged his people to vote massively for Diri.

He said: “This crowd you are seeing here is not a borrowed crowd. The message is clear, we have to hold our own, so it’s not by chance that this constituency is going to deliver by the grace of God the entire vote to our son”

Also, Wisdom Fafi, a lawmaker, lauded the massive crowd that heralded the event.

“You are seeing what is happening with the mammoth crowd here. This is Kolokuma / Opokuma, PDP stronghold and where the candidate come from. I want to assure you that come November 16, it is PDP all the way.”