Taiwo Afolabi is Living it Up

Executive Vice Chairman of SIFAX Group, Dr. Taiwo Afolabi

If a sojourner in life’s thorny journey were to ask on which path greatness lies, some would direct him to the assemblage of heroes, those who won renown and carved for themselves busts of marbles and chapters in the pages of history. Some would point to the conclave of the sages, men who, through words and postulations fetched from the deepest wells of wisdom, shaped the destiny of eras.

And some would simply point to the billionaire club where titans of industry and controllers of world and national economies hold sway. Yes, fingers would wave him in the direction of Aliko Dangote, Otunba Mike Adenuga Jnr, Femi Otedola and Absulsamad Rabiu. In the not too distant future, the worn traveller, finally gaining admittance to this rarefied air, would find SiFAX boss Taiwo Afolabi among their ranks. He might already have joined them.

Joining the exclusive club of billionaire takes more than the chinking of millions of coins. It takes grit. It takes courage. It takes the ability to know when to move in for the kill and when to take a step back while planning things to perfection. Hence why Taiwo Afolabi paid no heed to the jeering of naysayers who inundated the airwaves with premature proclamations of his downfall when some of his recent projects seemed like they had run aground.

Unbeknownst to them, Taiwo was simply waiting for the opportune time to press the speed button. His Marriott Hotel which many thought had joined the ranks of abandoned projects dotting the landscape is finally completion. Skeptics are welcome to drive around Oba Adejobi and Joel Ogunnaike axes in Ikeja GRA. They would be confronted with a stunning seven storey wonder on land.

The accomplished gentleman does not joke with his comfort which explains why he spared no cost to complete his new hotel. The magnificent building parades luxury rooms and deliciously furnished and up-to-the minute amenities that make the world a more desirable place to live in. Many say Taiwo has no contrition about relishing opulence.

With his recent addition, Afolabi has added hospitality to the list of industries in which his dexterous fingers have secured a pie. He is also a key player in the Maritime, Aviation, Haulage, Financial Services and Oil and Gas sectors.