Celebration Times As Businessman Scott Tommey Dedicates Triplets in Style


If one is company and two is a crowd, then what about three? A mob, a congregation or a revolution? Scott Tommey won’t care what they’re called; he already has his own name for them — bundles of joy. The CEO of Osmoserve is feeling like the first man to land on the moon. Gravity has no hold on him as he floats away on clouds of rapture.

Before panic sets in and rosaries are brought out in feverish prayer, no, the Christian transmission of the faithful hasn’t happened while you’ve been left behind. Scott and his wife are involved in a rapture of a rather more earthly kind. They recently had three babies in one go. First nothing, then three beautiful bouncing babies! Some would say Scott and his beautiful wife Seiyefa might be overwhelmed by their blessings. The loving couple, however, are embracing the challenge of parenthood.

Last Sunday, they held the dedication for the triplets at their Abuja church. Scott Tommey is a household name among the clearer streams of the Niger Delta and the more cultured parts of the capital city; thus, it was no surprise to see men and women of might and money turn out in their droves for the Tommeys.

ST, as Scott is fondly called, was up to the challenge of hosting the well-connected guests who turned up for the occasion. He used the opportunity to remind everyone he is no frugal saint. Big money was spent on the venue, decoration, and entertainment while his friends teased and bantered with him on his multiplicative prowess in the other room.

To mention all the names of the bigwigs that took time out of their busy schedule to support one of their own cannot be possible. Suffice it to mention Julius Rone, the chairman of UTM Group. Like Scott, he is a darling of the Niger Delta. Again like Scott, his story of success from tough beginnings would turn out a bestseller. Little wonder the two seem to have struck up a fast friendship.