US Military Trains NAF Personnel Medical Evacuation Capabilities


Adedayo Akinwale ín Abuja

The United States military has trained Nigerian Air Force (NAF) medical personnel on Casualty Evacuation (CASEVAC) as part of a four-phased Aerial Patient Movement Program.

The US Mission in Abuja, in a statement wednesrday, revealed that the rigorous two-week training was conducted at the Nigeria Air Force Base Hospital in Abuja, adding that it would enable the NAF to effectively recover wounded soldiers from the battlefield.

The US added that these trainings were designed to assist in the increase of the medical capability of the Nigerian armed forces.

It added that the training provided patient evacuation tactics, techniques, and procedures to reduce casualty mortality rate at the point of injury and increase patient survivability during transport.

“The personnel acquired lifesaving first-aid skills to be used in the field; in addition to familiarising themselves with techniques to both properly load patients on helicopters and care for them in-flight.

“Nigeria Air Force helicopter pilots were also trained by US instructor pilots on how to effectively plan and execute a Casualty Evacuation Mission,” the statement said.

The US government added that the training, which was the second phase of the programme, was conducted and funded by the United States Air Force and the California National Guard.