Colgate Takes Dental Outreach to Ibadan 


As part of its commitments to promoting dental health in the country,  Tolaram Colgate Ltd, has executed  a dental outreach programme in Ojoo market, in Ibadan, Oyo State.

According to the organisation, the initiative

followed the growing number of people infected with oral diseases, which the 2016  Global Burden of Disease  estimated at 3.58 billion, making them the most common noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) globally.

Chief Executive Officer of Colgate, Mr. Girish Sharma, explained that the company was inspired by the need to reverse the trends by creating  adequate awareness on issues that relate to dental health as well  as deliver preventive and curative oral health care solutions across the country.

“Oral health and hygiene play an important role in general health and well-being, even though they are often overlooked as essential part of our daily regimen. Tooth decay and gum diseases can cause serious pain and limit a person’s ability to eat, drink, and speak,” he said.

The activity which lasted almost a day, was carried out in conjunction with University of Ibadan Association of Dental Students (UDAS).

Dental services provided the people included screening exercise such as: tooth scaling, polishing and general treatment.

Health complaints from the beneficiaries ranged from severe pains, tooth sensitivity and decay,  especially from the elderly. Extreme conditions other than dental and jaw problems were also referred for further medical treatments.

Colgate – Palmolive company,  makers of Colgate and Tolaram Group,  recently entered into a strategic joint venture to bring innovative oral, personal and home care products to consumers across Nigeria.