NGO Organises Outreach in Alimosho LGA


Ugo Aliogo

As part of desire to support the Lagos State government’s efforts in enhancing learning outcome, the Foundation for Montessori Education in Nigeria (FMEN) has organised an outreach in Alimosho Local Government Area.

Speaking at the event, the Education Secretary, Alimosho Local Government Area, Lagos state, Hon. Arat Alamu, lauded FMEN for teaching women in the LGA on how best to train their girl child against certain vices such as sexual harassment.

“Today, we have a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) they are here to train our women about their girl-child. They are here to train these women on how to monitor their children against the vices taking place in our society such as sexual harassment and kidnapping. You realise most women are not giving sufficient time to the development of their children,” she noted.

She explained that there was need for the parents to monitor what their children are learning in the schools by visiting the school and enquiring from the teachers about their children’s academic performance.

Alamu, advocated for increased teacher-parents’ relationship to ensure the success of the child, adding that close monitoring of the child would help to address the cases of sexual harassment, “parents have a lot of work to do in the areas of child development.”

In her remarks, the Coordinator, FMEN, Mrs. Yinka Awobo-Pearse, noted that so far the group has visited three local government Areas and Alimosho is our fourth LGA.

She also stated that FMEN has discovered that the parents need knowledge about the natural development of their children, adding that parents were beginning to understand the link between home and school and what parents are supposed to do.

According to her, “In the places we visited, we realised that the parents are beginning to understand that there are things they need to do at home. In terms of communication, research has shown that children need to hear 3 million words before they are two years old in order for their brain to fully develop. So if they are not in school, where are they going to hear these words? Lagos state takes the children when they are three years old. If they are not three where are they going to hear it if not from their parents? It has also been proven that children who develop good language skills go on to do well in their academics.”