Jimoh Ibrahim Plays Big in Dubai

It has been repeated ad nauseum that a prophet has many honours except in his own home. Barrister and head honcho of Global Fleet Group Jimoh Ibrahim is doing his best to prove this maxim true. Seemingly, he has waved goodbye to Nigeria, packed his bags and permanently relocated to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

Although Jimoh made the big move to relocate his company’s headquarters to the Middle East a couple of years back, the fierce debate continues to rage as to what could have motivated him to do what many are calling a betrayal of the nation. What is undisputed is that Jimoh has indeed refocused his business out of the country. To say he is killing it in Dubai would be an understatement. He has become the king of foreign currency as he plays big in the industry and real estate in the Gulf nation.

Many believe the Ondo-born dude salvaged whatever he could from the wreck of a major business deal gone awry and escaped the
shores of the country with his loot before things got worse. Others counter that Jimoh was simply tired of doing business in the harsh economic climate and decided to test himself in new terrains. Whatever the real reason, it is undeniable that Jimoh doesn’t regret his decision.

The business mogul and legal practitioner has even decided to acquire more education so he can better take advantage of the new frontier of opportunities open to him. He has been studying for a doctorate degree at Cambridge University. His studies are said to be so hectic that it even stopped him from immediately rushing home when his mother Madam Theresa sadly passed away from a freak fire accident earlier this year.

The one-time politician who lost his bid to govern his state over a decade and a half ago plays big in the banking sector alongside oil and gas. He owns Energy Commercial Bank in Ghana and Oceanic Bank in Sao Tome among other international businesses.

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