Eclipse Nkasi’s ‘No Rice On Sunday’,  a Must Read

BY Tosin Clegg

Eclipse Nkasi’s No Rice On Sunday would first of all make you think why would he utter such a statement. Would there really be a Sunday without rice? I don’t want to imagine it as it’s become a tradition for years over and over again but sadly we ain’t talking about that Rice. Don’t be angry that just needed to be made that clear but really?

These collection of stories , No Rice On Sunday is a trip on its own taking you on life chapters with realistic covers and hungered desire to read what the words that comes up after a full stop as to say.

The book itself is a journey as each shades of story has something to reveal.

One thing that can’t be taken from the book is the efficacy of its plot twist and the authority of the suspense. All through each story, Nkasi wrote, you can see the richness of these two in it unlike the predictions you can have this would shift your thoughts in a direction only the writer could have known.

Just like a good movie or an experience that can’t be shared till it’s experienced everyone should take time to experience the beautiful contents of this book and further enrich their thoughts with such an in-depth story telling.