Between Bala Mohammed and Bello Matawalle


True friendships, like willing handover of power after an electoral defeat, are rare things to behold in the Nigerian political space. More often than not, what obtains are tenuous alliances based on calculations of mutual benefits after which a break-up, often rancorous, ensues. Politics has proved the death knell of friendships built over many years in other areas.

Yet, Governor of Bauchi State, Bala Mohammed and Zamfara Governor, Bello Matawalle share a close bond that transcends the transient terrain of politics. Theirs is a friendship for life forged in the fires of mutual aspirations for a better society and a shared desire to uplift the fortunes of the people of their respective states.

Although the story of their comradeship is unknown to many, it was their mutual goals that led them to contest for the number one seat in their respective states. It was the mutual determination to succeed that propelled them ahead when it seemed they had reached the end of the road following initial negative signs. However, they eventually claimed their mandates through the courts and have since settled down to the serious business of governance.

Despite their busy schedules, the two governors never miss a chance to meet and reminisce on their friendship. The duo attended the 74th UN General Assembly together held at New York, United States Of America. An African Summit was organized on the sidelines of the annual global assembly. They used the opportunity to sell their states to investors and were said to have inked deals with several foreign companies.

After the serious business was concluded, the two friends were observed chatting jovially with one another. No doubt, they were reminiscing on the twists and turns they’ve experienced as friends and commenting on how far they’d come.

With agriculture on the front burner of their agenda for the next four years, it is expected that farmers will soon begin to see the results of improved mechanization, packaging, storage, and transport systems as governors Bala and Bello seek to outperform each other in their friendly duel to bring development to their respective states