Is N5.5bn for Cars Necessary at this Time?

Ahmed Lawan

From all indications, the current senate under the leadership of Dr. Ahmed Lawan, has concluded plans to purchase cars for its members at the unit cost price of N50 million, amounting to N5.550 billion to get enough quantities to go round its members, and two extra.

The cars, it was learnt, would be for all chairmen and vice-chairmen of Senate committees. But with the Senate now having 69 of such committees, the stage appears set for every member to be appointed as either chairman or vice-chairman.

It however belies both logic and caution that in spite of the current state of the economy as well as the increasing debt profile of the government, representatives of the people could be pondering to bring such additional financial burden on the country in the name of acquiring utility vehicles.

The people’s representatives should not expend scarce resources any further considering the current inclement economic weather. Hopefully, someone would have a rethink and act right!