Asian Firm Makes Entry into Nigerian Beverage Market 


A new fruit juice, Mom’s Aloe drink has been introduced to the Nigerian market, thus increasing prospects in the beverage industry.

Manufacturers of the product, World Food Service co. Ltd said that the juice would not only satisfy the taste bud of Nigerians but will also provide health and nutritional value at a pocket friendly cost.

Providing more details, Chief Executive of KJL, Marketers and Distributors of the product, Mr. Austin Obika, explained that the juice was produced without preservatives.  According to him, the juice already had a huge market in Asia, America and Europe and now prepared to explore African largest economy.  In his word: “We are concerned about the wellbeing of Nigerians considering that a lot of the juice we have in the country are filled with sugar in addition to the facts that Nigerians are becoming  more health conscious. Hence, with Mom’s Aloe the sugar content is minimal and it’s made from natural fruits. We are very hopeful that it will get acceptance within the juice and beverage market in the country.

“We are Aalso  hoping to create employment for the teeming unemployed youths and expect to convince our overseas partners to establish a local factory in Nigeria to help create more jobs and help in technology transfer.”

He stressed further that the juice drink was made from Aloe vera, a wonder product associated with numerous health benefits.

“People who are familiar with Aloe vera know its health benefits which include aiding of immune system, reducing inflammation, cholesterol management and rich vitamins and minerals contents.

“We know that the competition in the juice industry is strong, with many products competing for the attention of the consumers however, we believe there are plenty of rooms for Mom’s Aloe drink in the country with many benefit because its key element is Aloe Vera and we expect that many Nigerians will buy into it,” he said.