Yusuf Durodola Set for “Priceless’’ Exhibition at Nike Art Gallery

Yinka Olatunbosun

To be sure, every work put on sale in this exhibition comes with a price. A year-long project initiated by the artist and art educator, Yusuf Durodola has come to fruition with a week long exhibition titled, “Priceless.’’ Featuring 63 works, the show is also a collaborative effort between the artist and a community of young children who are physically challenged. 18 of the art pieces will be donated to these young ones who have devoted time to this rewarding art experience since April.

Durodola had spent considerable time with these children at Modupe Cole, Akoka, Lagos. The result is a show which opens in Lagos tomorrow at the Nike Art Gallery and runs till September 28.

Son of a fashion designer, Durodola developed his love for the art from pattern drawing, a basic visual technique in sewing and garment design. He later fell in love with calligraphy, painting and actually enjoys “Drip painting’’ which has been a signature of sorts for him. The technique reminds him of how children often make splashes and drips while attempting to paint.

The show hinges on three stages namely the performance that is through public sensitisation; community service and a solo exhibition where 45 pieces of work by the artist are paraded. The performance art titled, “Emi” was held in July in a procession route that kicked-off at FCET Akoka wounding up at UNILAG Gate.

Glancing through his works for the show, we found some interesting socio-economic and political issues embedded in each piece. For instance, the soccer-themed work titled, “Deep Thoughts’’ is a self-conversation on the need to channel the passion for football in many Nigerian youths into nation building. There is a large experimental piece measuring 8ft by 12ft made of six panels titled, “Priceless.’’

“Priceless is made of junks,’’ he explained. “We can move on if we connect together. We just need to change our mindset. There are some people that you may think have nothing to offer but they are indeed an asset.’’ Priceless was inspired by a 2016 Trash in Lagos Project where Durodola worked with Prof. Steven Newel.

Other works in this exhibition include “Once Upon A Time’’, “Our Creator, Who Art in Heaven’’, “In and Out’’ amongst others.

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