Sharon Igho: Passion for Cooking  Inspired By My Parents


Sharon Igho, founder of Abuja-based Sharons Kitchen is a lot of things rolled into one. She’s an entrepreneur, music act and a farmer. Her dexterity over the years has helped her achieve a lot as she keeps exploring and conquering new grounds. Sharon opens up to Azuka Ogujiuba about being an employer as a fish farmer and a restaurant owner, her music band, ‘Addiction Twins’, her vision and the challenges that come with being an entrepreneur

have always been passionate about cooking

I have always loved to cook. It is a passion I have had over the years and was inspired by my parents who cook so well. I started on a small scale with just cooking meals at home and sending out, delivering to banks before I decided to start a franchise ‘Sharons Kitchen’ in Abuja. I hope to expand to neighbouring states in years to come. Also, some years ago, I went back into fish farming. I saw how large the market was and decided to pick it up from where I left.

 Challenge as an entrepreneur

The same challenge I believe every entrepreneur faces or deals with. It has to do with making a new business work. Everyone can come up with a timeline of patience you need before a business picks up. It could be months or years as everything has its own timing. So far, my challenge has been getting more people to know about my businesses; this takes time.

My music band, why I went solo and the Nigerian music industry

I am still an active member of the music duo ‘Addiction twins’ but we both have individual projects we are working on as well as the album for Addiction. We have new singles coming out soon simultaneously. The Nigerian music industry has really grown with lots of improvement. The major challenge we face in getting good work to be heard is the deeply rooted fraud in the media in Nigeria. I mean nothing can be done for free and so much is expected. Your song or video cannot play for free on some radio stations even television stations. Artistes are to get royalties but it is the other way round. That alone is the termite eating deep into the music industry here. 

My record label ‘Ighotainment’ and the signees

Ighotainment was birthed in 2016 with an official launch at the Oriental Hotel Lagos and the unveiling of our artiste, Kido Blanko who has featured with the likes of M.I Abaga, Tekno, Yung 6 and presently working on new songs with two A-list Artistes as we compile the forth coming debut album. It was a star-studded event, which was widely televised. So far, we have just Kido but presently working on bringing new acts on board

Working as an entrepreneur and an artiste

It’s a tough job but I believe there is nothing one can’t do if you put your mind to it especially as I have to shuttle between states and also the best job of all motherhood, but you definitely get used to it. My vision has always been to put out great works which most times, may not be the trend but being a great musician is about content and not trend. It has always been my dream to be able to empower people by creating jobs like I have done with my businesses. I am able to keep people off the street and contribute to the growth of the economy which is success to me. I also dream of building a world class record label in ‘Ighotainment’ along with my co-owner, Aaron Igho and my other ventures.

 My formative years

Jos – J-town – really carved who I am today. That’s talking about the early years of my career. Jos is where it all started and really formed who I am today. The orientation is totally different over there. Addiction came alive in Jos. I obtained a Diploma in Psychology from UniJos and later relocated to Abuja where I further studied political science.

I was born with a silver spoon?

Yes, I was born with a silver spoon. It was really good back then. I was born in London and remained there for sometime before we relocated to Nigerian and then the silver spoon disappeared. I am glad I have a wonderful family as we stay strong and united regardless of the situation we may face.


Essence of hard work, respect for others

Hard work and respect for others were values instilled in me growing up and the freedom to express myself. These have helped shape my life. I have the most amazing family ever. These people got me this far. 

Best gift received as a child

The best gift I remember receiving as a child was a bicycle my dad got for me. I was so happy I rode under the rain for the rest of the day. 

Making life choices is most difficult

Making life choices is the most difficult thing that has and still happens. But I’m able to deal with mistakes and move on. I appreciate my journey good or bad. Wrong relationships are the biggest mistakes I make.

Things I still desire

I have a lot of personal desires. Some you know may never happen but you stay hopeful.

 Life lessons

Be optimistic, take things a day at a time, love accordingly, love yourself and put family first; a lot of lessons but this is just fine for now.


Biggest fear in life

Losing the ones I love. I would have said failure but you can always get back upset.

Cases of rape, child abuse in Nigeria

I’m happy we have more people speaking out on this issue and government is now more involved. A lot of people have silently been victims and this awareness will drastically reduce rape in Nigeria. In this digital age, news is able to reach anyone in minutes; so that too has contributed to the war against rape epidemic. 

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