BBNaija Update: Who Will Survive the Eviction Block This Sunday?


The ongoing Big Brother Naija reality TV show is getting more intense as the final day draws nearer. Housemates are throwing all in the ring to ensure that they stay till Day 99 when the fourth season will officially end.

To survive, housemates are now fiercely competing for the Head of House title and Veto Power which automatically grants them immunity from eviction.

With Cindy automatically saved from eviction by winning the HoH, Omashola had to use his Veto Power to save himself. He was among the most nominated housemates this week. The Warri rep who has never found himself in the save and replace situation was tongue tied when it was his turn to make the decision. It took him a while before he gathered the courage to put Seyi up for possible eviction. Even after making the announcement, he bolted out of the room like a traitor and only returned to the lounge after Biggie ordered him to do so to confirm his nomination. Seyi now joins Mike, Tacha and Khafi for possible evictions.

Seyi’s nomination seemed to excite Tacha and Khafi. The trio had been on a rough path since Tacha and Seyi row over the weekend. Tacha seemed to have found a friend in Khafi which typically annoyed Seyi. The other housemates are not discreet about the scheming going on between Tacha and Khafi. Mercy and Frodd thinks that Khafi is two-faced and is using Tacha to get fans votes. Cindy thinks that Tacha is dragging Khafi into her problem with Seyi. Who can be trusted among these three? Elozonam advised that no housemate should be trusted.

While Khafi is excited that Seyi got a taste of his own medicine with Omashola’s veto power decision, she still hopes to survive this weekend. If she does, then she swore to win either of the titles.

Of all nominated housemates, the odds seemed to be stacked highly against Seyi. Perhaps, if his ship with Tacha had sailed, he would have garnered votes from Tacha’s fans who are a dedicated lot. They would have done everything to keep him in the house for their queen. Nevertheless, his fans are not letting him down with their campaigns on social media.

If Khafi should survive Sunday eviction, then it will be apparent that she really played her cards well. By choosing to share her Hoh privileges a fortnight ago with Tacha would prove a very good strategy.

For Mike and Tacha, their stay is almost guaranteed as they have a legion of fans supporting them.

However, this season has proved to be an unpredictable one. Till Sunday night, no one’s stay is entirely certain.