Kayode, Bisi Fayemi: Marriage Made in Heaven

Who would have thought that the Ekiti State Governor, Dr. Kayode Fayemi’s a poet?

Indeed, who would have imagined that he had worshipped at the temple of Venus, the Greek god of love, so much so that he now knows the spirit and letter of love this much?

But the love for his wife and the celebrations of their 30th wedding anniversary have brought out this hitherto hidden side of him.

The governor, last Monday, wowed all when he shared the epic 30-year-old photo taken on his wedding day and wrote: “Labisi, three decades and still counting. Thank you for being an amazing wife, a loving partner, a wonderful mother to Oluwafolajimi and my best friend at all times. “

Interestingly, the First Lady, to prove that her muse has not died, also chose the occasion to take Nigerians on the boulevard of their love life via her twitter handle, as she wrote:

‘’It started in Ife. He attended University of Lagos, UNILAG and came to Ife to do Master’s in International Relations. I did a Master’s in History but I did elective in the Department of International Relations. I knew him in my class as someone very quiet and good looking.

“One day, I was in the library and I needed to borrow some books from the library and I was not with my library card and I looked around to see anyone who could help me take the books out. I saw Kayode sitting on the other side. I walked up to him and very politely asked if he had his library card on him and he said “Yes” and I told him that I needed to take some books out and asked: Do you mind borrowing the books for me? And he said, “Of course” and I gave him the list of the books and l told him I would come and pick the books from his room and that was it and the rest is history.”

Their love life has inspired many young couples particularly in our society where it is almost difficult for marriages to survive between two celebrities , especially those that were born with silver spoons.

Without a doubt, they seem to understand the import of Mignon McLaughlin’s timeless quote: ‘’A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.”

They have not stopped falling in love with each other, 30 years after their wedding.

\Over the years, the First Lady has also committed herself to other endeavors such as feminist activism, writing and policy advocacy. She serves on the Executive Boards of the African Women’s Development Fund, and the Global Fund for Women. She is also chair of the Advisory Council of the Nigerian Women’s Trust Fund and also serves on the Governing Council of Elizade University in Nigeria.

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