Akinola Olapade Regains Groove

Akinola Olapade

After being knocked about by a series of controversies which many people thought he would not recover from, Akinola Olapade, Managing Director of Afromedia, has reappeared on the social scene looking no worse for wear.

It was as if the time he spent in the fiery furnace of orchestrated public opprobrium has purified him rather than burned him to cinders as some people thought.

The head honcho of Nigeria’s leading outdoor advertising agency was sighted at a recent event in Lagos. Bedecked in a brown agbada that exuded flamboyance, it was as if Olapade had never left the social scene as he intermingled with friends and associates with the flourish of a practised party animal.

Recall that the popular dude had suddenly disappeared into his anonymous cocoon after a series of tiffs with some influential persons in the polity. Some said his going low profile was not unconnected with the legal tussle he had with former senate president Bukola Saraki’s close confidant, Mohammed Gobir some time back.

Whatever the case, the Lagos big boy seems to be back and firing on all cylinders. Those close to the dude are saying his eye-catching display at the event was just a taste of things to come from the likeable man.