Grand 50th Birthday Celebration for Grace Osime

On Monday August 26, 12 Temple, the popular hangout spot in Ikoyi, Lagos , played host to the most celebrated faces in fashion and style. Everyone came together to celebrate the 50th birthday of stylish lady of high society, Grace Osime.

From the selection of guests at the event to the venue itself, it was obvious that the super gorgeous lady wasn’t going to joke with such a significant day. 12 Temple is owned by the current governor of Ogun State, Dapo Abiodun. It often serves as a meeting point and melting point for the well-heeled and deep pocketed to rub shoulders, minds and thrash out political and commercial transactions. Otunba Dapo Abiodun is a close friend of the Osimes and gave his blessings for the venue to be used for Grace’s big day.

It was a super party on a day that isn’t renowned for hosting parties, never mind one as splendid and amazing as the one that ushered the incredibly well-mannered mother of one into her golden age. Everything was on point and no stone was left unturned. The guests and family members invited were treated to the very best party-going experience.

While the live band and brilliant Deejay dished out some classic songs which got the guests knocking their feet on the ground in synchrony to the danceable tunes, expensive wine flowed around like water. Even the menu was so delicious some of the guests had to have another helping or two.

Grace was ably supported by her closest family, friends and confidants on the occasion. Her sister, the number one authority on fashion matters and editor of ThisDay Style, Ruth Osime, was everywhere at the event. She swayed beautifully on the dance floor, captivating everyone with her movement. But no one shone like the celebrant, Grace. The trader of expensive gems was herself the brightest gem of them all. Nobody could take their eyes off her as she glowed with the pure light of satisfaction.

The evening of bountiful merriment was the culmination of a celebration which began early that morning with a special thanksgiving service. Having given thanks to God for Grace’s life, it was then time for Grace and family to give thanks to men and women who have helped her navigate her life’s journey to this point. Hence the classy party where everyone danced and made merry in felicitation with the badass shoe collector.

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