Obi Advises Leaders to Look Inwards on Health


Charles Ajunwa

The Vice Presidential Candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Mr. Peter Obi has advised those in authority at various levels to pay more attention to healthcare delivery.

Obi said this during his visit to Bishop Shanahan Hospital Nsukka, which was among the 50 hospitals he chose to celebrate this year’s Easter, which will continue till Easter 2020.

Obi who had already visited 17 of the hospitals said the visit was a way of indirectly identifying with the common people who are the ultimate beneficiaries.

Describing as embarrassing, the rate Nigerians have lost confidence in the nation’s health institution, he said that the leaders of the country must address the situation or else people will soon start travelling to other countries to even treat malaria and common cold.

On why he is bold about advocating patronage of local hospitals, Obi said: “The other day, I was a bit indisposed, and I chose to visit Holy Rosary Hospital, Waterside, Onitsha, which is about one kilometer from my house. I was surprised at the professionalism with which they attend to patients, as well as the equipment that they have. I was overjoyed when I recall it was one of the hospitals we strategically partnered with in Anambra State when I was the governor.”

The highlight of the visit was the presentation, after visits to the wards, of a cheque of one million naira to the hospital for support.

The Manager of Bishop Shanahan Hospital Nsukka, Rev. Fr. Greg Onah thanked Obi for the visit and for his promise to keep an eye in the affairs of the hospital. He prayed that God should continue to bless him for the choice to use his wealth to add value to the society rather than in ostentatious living.