Ibidunni Ighodalo’s Unforgettable Moment

Ibidunni Ighodalo, wife of Lagos celebrity Pastor, Ituah Ighodalo, is one of the leading event planners in the country.
Ighodalo, the brains behind the soar-away Elizabeth R, has handled several successful events for a number of notable personalities and internationally recognized corporate bodies and even government in the past.

But it is curious that she does not like to throw elaborate celebration on her birthday.
When she added another year on July 21, she quietly celebrated the day in her characteristic way. But she got a shocker: the executive branch of the women’s ministry in her husband’s church, Trinity House, pulled an exclusive beautiful surprise birthday party in her honour. As part of the arrangement, her husband, last Saturday, reportedly tricked his soft-spoken and introverted yet open wife to a ‘bogus breakfast meeting’ at the The Wheatbaker Hotel in Ikoyi, Lagos.

She shared her experience, saying, “I came back from a trip in Kigali, Rwanda on Thursday and had to report to office Friday morning. All done, I went back home exhausted and went straight to bed only for my husband to wake me up to inform me of a breakfast meeting the next morning.

“Never…Only God can move me out of this house tomorrow. So, please, represent both of us.
“I begged and pampered him, and he said okay. So, I went to bed. About six this morning (Saturday), he woke me up again and I said: ‘Haba , baby, what is it? I am tired’. He apologized and said the breakfast meeting was important to him… he said everyone had to come with their wives and he needed me by his side. Let’s just say there was nothing Pastor didn’t use to beg me, but I refused and then he said to me…. ‘Baby, I have never begged you for anything for this long and I promise five minutes and we are out’. He caught me there. So, off we went to Wheatbaker. We walked in and this was the breakfast meeting. A surprise…. Anyone who knows me knows I run away from things like these.

But they blew mind. For me, it was so thoughtful of them and I was so deeply moved that I couldn’t hold back tears. No one can understand those tears, except if you have walked this journey with me.”
Ibidunni and her husband remain one of the most famous couples in Lagos with a fascinating love story. They have been married for over 12 years and blessed with two kids.

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