Stellamaris  Ndubisi: I Have a Very Wild, Active Imagination


My Story

Stellamaris Chikanma Ndubuisi is an Abia born actress, a seasoned voiceover artiste and an entrepreneur. Stella is someone you would love to work with as a movie producer or director. She tells Tosin Clegg how she got into acting, her passion for the craft and more

Tell us about acting and your passion for the craft?

Acting for me is like water to plant, and I have always loved it, given that I have a very wild and active imagination. Acting gives me that opportunity to be so many different people, interpreting different roles and all.

What have been your challenges as an actor?

But sadly, I come from a very strict home; my dad didn’t support the idea of being out there in the world, as he is a fanatic. So, it took me a long time to finally own this side of me and start coming out of my shell.

What makes you an excellent actor and what style do you adopt?

I think what makes an excellent actor is your ability to deliver with empathy, your ability to be the character. It’s one thing to read the lines in a script and another thing to actually become the person that the writer gave those words to. When I have a role to play, I do all I can to give way for the person in the script to emerge from inside, sometimes by changing the setting of my environment. I get into the character, both on and off set until the project is over.

Tell us about some of your works?

I’ve done more of off-screen and voiceover acting than on-screen. I’ve done stage plays, radio plays. A little bit of hosting for weddings and parties. On-screen is still a bit on-coming for me, and I have done a few appearances, though. But, I’ve been getting offers recently.


Where do you see yourself in a few years?

I see myself, working with professionals, brands. Using my platform for the greater good and touching the few lives I can. Basically, I’ll be doing what I love, much better at it and give back to society.