Maiden Edition of Talking Talent

Talking Talent is a series of HR workshops that brings together top HR professionals, business leaders, and talent gurus who understand the challenges facing companies today and have solved them. These experts discusses approaches and sharing techniques that they have successfully applied to solve these HR and business challenges.

The first of its kind took place recently at the Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel, Victoria Island. The event featured three main sections: a panel discussion with top HR experts on methods of identifying and retaining top talent, led by Hilda Kragha, CEO of Jobberman with participation from Heather O’Shea, Taiwo Judah Ajayi, Ejeme Okojie and Martin Sutherland. Who are all HR experts from different fields and have recorded excellence over time.

Heather O’Shea, who focused on hiring right, also said, “Top companies all struggle with getting their workforce planning correct, not knowing when to ‘Buy, Borrow, Build or Bind’ the skill. This can be very costly, from a time, money and emotional perspective and we want to make it easy for HR leaders to understand how to choose the right strategy”. To facilitate this learning, participants were given a free workforce planning template and a demonstration on how to use this template at their respective companies.

Martin Sutherland – Global Director, PeopleTree Group and Brett Mulder – Chief Operating Officer, PeopleTree Group took the second session to further speak on the subject of the day, sharing their insights and experiences. The third session was for consultations with the Talent gurus, where participants privately shared challenges and get valuable insights and advice on how to resolve them.  

Talking to Martin Sutherland at the event, he shared , ‘ I talked about how to future proof your talent. 

And that’s by understanding the talent they have got as we don’t necessarily know what the future is going to do but we can be prepared by understanding the talent we have got and be able to connect the right people to the right places.’

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