Stephen Akintayo Consulting Trains Youths on Empowerment

Stephen Akintayo Consulting crew at the feeding exercise in Lagos community

Ayodeji Ake

To transform lives and empower Nigerians with life changing financial freedom, Stephen Akintayo Consulting (SAC) recently organised training for young people to upgrade every aspect of their life.

The event held at the Oriental Hotel, Lagos is the fifth edition of Upgrade Conference and also marked the 11th anniversary of the parent company, Gtext Global.

Speaking at the Upgarde Conference held recently in Lagos, Founder SAC, Mr. Stephen Akintayo said the programme was launched to invest in people, open their eyes to opportunities and seek solutions to issues affecting them.

According to him, the platform offers an avenue to learn different business opportunities and to network with great minds with capacity to “take you from where you are to where you want to be”.

He stressed the need for people to upgrade every aspect of their life the same way they renew clothes they wear.

He said: “You hardly wear the same cloth for one or two years, but we realise that people’s knowledge base is still the same. Sometimes, people will tell you that they have never attended an informal training on how to move their finance or career forward since they left school.

“People need to ask questions. How do you move your career to the next level? How do you move your business or finance to the next level?”

Frowning at the frightening suicide rate in the country, Akintayo observed that people don’t seem to know that failure is normal to business.

“People were shocked to know that I have failed in businesses before, but today I am alive and doing well. We need to start having conversation around solutions. Can we start getting people who can tell us about solutions and spark our minds on how we can start things we can do so that it is not just about taking newspapers and reading what is not working,” he said.

Akintayo stressed that capacity building, making wealth and sustaining it, is a major aspect of learning for business owners and investors.

An entrepreneur, Tricia Famoriyo said the programme has to discover ideas that benefited her business. “If you are at a stage in your life when you are looking for clarity, for push, events like this are worth attending. It gives you a push and open your eyes to opportunities,” she said.