Parkway Gardens Brings Facelift to Real Estate in Nigeria


Mary Nnah

Wealth Island Properties Limited, is through its latest project, Parkway Gardens, Buknor, gearing up to change the lifestyles of Nigerians, especially as it got to do with real estate.

Principal Partner of the company, Tade Cash, explained that Parkway Gardens, Buknor, is an estate in the heart of Jakande Estate, Isolo, Lagos, an area where property is going for #15m for a plot.

The beautiful thing about this present project is that plots of land would be given out at a give way price during the remaining days of the month of July.

Having come from humble background where he never knew what it meant to have a full expression in terms of where he lives, Cash said Parkway Gardens Buknor, aims to bring about a facelift on people’s perspective about real estate.

“I was born by parents that had six of us and we were raised somewhere in Lagos. We grew up in a one room apartment and my father was so generous, so he went to the village and brought my cousin to live with us in that same one room apartment.

“Back in school, in those early days, especially in secondary school, I would hear my class mates say stuff like “I left my book in my room” or when I get home; I will go straight to my room and sleep. Then, I used to be like my own personal room? Are you kidding me?

“They looked alien to me and often a time I used to follow them to their houses just to figure out if these guys are deceiving me or telling me the truth.”

About 10 years down the lane, Cash along with his partner started a company called Wealth Island Properties Limited, a property development and environment enhancement company with emphasis on creating a beautiful environment with a world class lifestyle.

He noted, “The intention for us was to create a beautiful environment for people that can foster a good life style because I strongly believe from my experience of growing up that where people start their lives determines how they live in future.

“I saw a couple of people we grew up together who were not able to break that stronghold of what I call environmental stronghold of how they grew up in environments that were never inspiring and would not help you to scale.

“So that became a driving force in terms of building and in terms of creating properties, in terms of where and when we can develop properties that can help people and that is what has led us to where we are today.”

Today, Wealth Island Properties Limited, Cash revealed, is almost done with putting in place a thousand apartments.

Stressing on its present project, Cash explained: “We are handling a particular project right now called Parkway Gardens by Bucknor GRA in Isolo and that is the particular property we are trying to showcase of to the world how to live in good environment and in an amazing property.”

“We are doing the infrastructures of this facility and creating good environment for people to live. And the good news about this present property is that it goes for between N12million to N14million at that axis but because of what we are doing right now, people are getting these properties for as less as N4million for 300 square metres and N7.8million for 600 square metres, respectively.

“The good news is that people can actually spread payments over a period of six months. The good news again is that people are not going to pay any developmental fee as it occurs in so many other estates.”

He said again that Parkway Gardens is close to the both the international and local airports. It is also close to National Theatre and National Stadium, so we are talking about the heart of the city and that is what we are bringing to Nigerians.

On what stands out Parkway Gardens from others, he said, “We are not an estate that focus on speculations but we focus on reality and what that means to us is that we focus on not just where you hope to be successful at and hope to build your building one day, but we focus on estates where you can build your house today and it would still be producing result for you.”