ABEC Football Academy: Where Footballers Play, Learn


One of the leading football academies in the country, ABEC Football Academy is ready to commence operations any moment from now.

According to a statement from the academy, a comprehensive programme is to be unveiled July 18, and operations will commence in September 2019 with all ABEC Schools hosting at least one aspect of the project in different capacities.

The academy is designed to provide children desirous of a career in football with quality education alongside an elite player development football programme.

The school’s goal reads, “Our overall goal is to encourage the child to develop personal / moral self discipline, cooperate and show respect for self and others; these are keys to becoming self– reliant and actualized in all he does.

An official of the academy said, “The curriculum is designed to adequately prepare a good number of these players for successful football careers in Europe and secure sports scholarships into colleges in the United States”.

The programme will run with three age-specific options, namely, recreational football, for athletes under the age of 10.

These would further be grouped into 2 training groups: U-8 and U-10 and their training exercises will be conducted at the Primary School playgrounds of the ABEC Schools Group.

There is also Collegiate Football for athletes under the age of 13.

Their training exercises will be conducted at the ABEC Boarding School field, Woji.

They will be exposed to 5 hours of on-the-field training, and 3 hours of competitive play each week.