Omokri Condemns Reactions to Herdsmen Killings


A former aide to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, Mr. Reno Omokri, has condemned the reactions to the killings by suspected herdsmen, describing the responses as just “talk, talk, and more talk.”

Omokri said in a statement issued yesterday that so long as the herdsmen knew that Nigerians would only talk, the killings would continue.

He said he was disappointed by the responses so far on the killing of the daughter of the leader of Afenifere, Reuben Fasoranti  by herdsmen, stressing that if the daughter of the leader of the herdsmen had been killed, the reaction of the herdsmen would not be just talk.

“Go back and look through history, including recent history, of what the herdsmen do to those who treat them as they are now treating the Yoruba. Go back and investigate what happened in Dogo Na Hauwa. They give what they can’t take.

“Let me quote Chinua Achebe’s functional character, Okonkwo. Okonkwo said “If a man comes into my hut and defecates on the floor, what do I do? Do I shut my eyes? No! I take a stick and break his head. That is what a man does.” Hopefully, herdsmen have not turned all of us to women.

“As long as herdsmen know that their murderous actions will have no repercussions beyond talk, talk and more talk, so long will they continue to kill us one by one until we are gone. I am not joking; I say this with all seriousness: one by one until we are gone,” he explained.