Group Promote Workplace Safety, Others


Ugo Aliogo

The Chief Executive Officer, Hybrid Group, Dapo Omolade, has appealed for adherence to international standards and regulation in conveying dangerous goods such as chemicals and other hazardous substances in order to reduce the increasing numbers of accidents associated with it.

He also stressed the need for occupational safety in organisations.

Omolade, who disclosed this in Lagos, at the Business Launch of DGM Nigeria, said the focus of the group was to assist companies and organisations to obey regulations when working with such equipment.

He explained that services of the organisation was multi-modal, adding that dangerous goods travels by different forms, adding that whatever form dangerous goods are being moved, there are requirements that must be obeyed.

“The relevant requirements are what the organisation have the competence and capacity to teach and help to implement. “The reality is that the awareness about dangerous goods is very low; this is why someone will use a sniper to wash her hair. “But if you look at the physical properties of that product, you will see the need not to use it. We started this business 10years ago, so we need to keep an awareness level. 

“Our job is how to push this awareness out in order for people to be educated.”

 He further stated that in the last quarter of 2018, Nigeria became the second country in Africa to accede to the six priority UN Conventions on road safety, which is a landmark in the history of the country and testament to the government’s prioritisation of road safety management.

 The Hybrid CEO added: “Our passion and desire for safe workplaces and society which began in 2010 has seen us continuously develop various business entities including the establishment of DGM Ghana in 2016 and three years after, DGM Nigeria. 

“There is no better time to have DGM Nigeria business launch in the country, especially considering the fact that poor management of dangerous goods can cause quantum losses and disasters. 

“The economic landscape of Nigeria presently also lends good reasons for the launch of DGM Nigeria. This is because the company has competence and required resources to help reduce potential losses from poor management of dangerous goods, the scope of which ranges from all forms of chemical and allied products, to equipment, radioactive materials, and others that are transported and used in various sectors of the economy such as oil and gas, health institutions, pharmaceuticals, mining, manufacturing, FMCGs, telecoms, aviation, marine, to mention but a few.”