Playmate Celebrates One Year Anniversary


Mary Nnah

The prestigious Ashland Global Apartment, Ikeja, Lagos, was adored with alluring, scintillating and bright colours on Saturday, June 29, 2019. The occasion was the official unveiling and celebration of one year anniversary of Playmate Royal Club (PRC).

PRC is a social club, full of various individuals of dynamic accomplishments in their corporate and social lives, established to promote activities that seek to empower the welfare and mental development of the African Youth.

PRC’s Chairman, BoT, Mate Awonuga Olatubonsu, during the first anniversary and unveiling of the club in Lagos, stressed the importance of providing education to the multitudes of our-of-school youths in Lagos while adding that the club is embarking on a national renaissance.

He said: “Youths are becoming addicted to negative things. This portends ill for our collective future. But through donations, scholarships, sports tournaments, with scouts present, we will give back to the society.”

Speaking earlier, president of the club, Mate Kayode Taiwo said: “We cannot afford to seat back and blame government. Everyone must start something positive, so we can all change the narrative.”

Chairman of the occasion, Mr. Shina Badaru, said there is need for structured intervention to address the challenges that out-of-school youths particularly those residing in the poorest and most marginalised communities in Lagos contend with.

He urged youths not to forget where they were coming from, but to, like PRC, do good and give back to the society. He stated also that, “No boy or girl deserves to be left out of school; no not in today’s Nigeria”.

Mate Nosa Omoregie, the social secretary provided the attendees with a background and overview of the club, stating that while PRC focused on empowerment through business skills, they will also focus also on improving the literacy and numeracy of out-of-school persons, as well as provide education on their reproductive and mental health.