Nappy  I Always Pass a Message with My Music


My Story

Nappy is a Nigerian born rapper, singer, song writer and music producer signed to NapTown Records. The multitalented artiste started producing and recording music at age 15. He talks to Tosin Clegg about his music, new project, genre and more

Who influences your music?

My music is influenced by a wide range of artiste from different eras, such as Bob Marley, 2Pac, Drake and Wizkid. My musical flexibility makes my genre extremely unique and creates a sound that will completely change the music industry. 

Tell us about your latest project?

Talking about my new single, “She Didn’t Know”, stings a satire on females who underrate men based on social status. I think it’s a song everyone should listen to and just smile about, and also be able to relate to, because every one of us has had one or more of those encounters before. The song is just a normal guy’s experience with girls.

 Tell us about the type of music you do?

I like vibey songs and I always want to pass a message and I believe that’s what music is really all about. I believe any music without a relatable story to it wouldn’t last. So, I obviously want to make good music which is relatable to.

Have you won awards?

Right now, I’m not really into awards and all, but if I do get them, then it would be nice, but I just want my songs out there that’s all, and I want people to appreciate them and then we can get to awards.