PINEAPPPLE TV Launches to Deliver Quality Afrocentric Programing for Children


Adedayo Adejobi

A new TV Channel, Pineapple TV, has been launched in Nigeria. It is Africa’s first dedicated children and family TV Channel that will deliver safe, fun, and quality programming. The channel targets an audience of children between the ages of four to 16 years of age and even their parents.

Pineapple TV aims to inform, educate and entertain viewers in Nigeria, Africa and in diaspora, using stories and characters.

According to Carl Raccah, Managing Director, “Pineapple Productions and Media Limited is a special purpose vehicle founded by highly experienced Business, Media Management, Production and Marketing experts.

“The company directors include Francis Ogboro, Heitham Safieddine, Ali Safieddine, Hadi Safieddine and myself. Pineapple Productions and Media Limited will see the rise of carefully created African TV channel that will entertain children on the African continent and in diaspora.

“Pineapple TV will be a vital avenue to educate the African Child using examples, characters and stories that they can relate to.”

Carl described the mission of the company as, ‘an empowerment tool for educating children whilst promoting African culture, religious tolerance, gender equality and geographical acceptance’.

Speaking further, the Marketing Director, Yetunde Falade said,“Pineapple Productions and Media Ltd is launched out of Nigeria from an administration and content creation standpoint.

“This ensures the company fulfills another of its mandates which is generating opportunities for professionals within this sector of the Nigeria Creative Industry, for example, script writers, animators, actors and directors to name a few, thereby contributing positively to the Nigerian economy through job creations and involvement of locally selected talents and content production. The channel which is known as PINEAPPLE TV,will be available on Startimes Channel 129 from June 29 2019.”

Veteran Nigerian Actor, Kalu Ikeagwu who lends his professional skills to one of the Channels Shows titled “The Story Book” also spoke on the TV Channel’s programming, “I am proud to be associated with this one of a kind Initiative,which aims to educate, entertain and inform the Nigerian and indeed African Child of our rich African Culture and showcase our proud Nigerian and African Heritage”, he said.

Also speaking about the TV Channel, Nigerian female actor from the popular TV series “TINSEL” Ashionye Raccah who is the host of the cooking show on Pineapple

TV titled ‘Cool Kids Cook’ said “It is vital that the African child is exposed to safe and quality programs which educate and entertain, the result will manifest into a more informed, educated, aware, open minded and confident adult”.