Otaigbe: How  I  Started  My Accounting Firm  


American born Nigerian artiste, actor and film maker, Anthony Osekhuemen Otaigbe, simply known as TheMindOfAY has revealed real reasons why he established his own accounting firm.

The chattered accountant who worked win a private organization and the federal government before deciding to start something on his own said his accounting background is mainly for financing his artistic ambitions.

“My passion for the arts has always held an equal amount of importance to me as my professional career—but my accounting background is mainly for financing my artistic ambitions” said TheMindOfAY

He disclosed that being sick of living paycheck to paycheck after working several years in the private sector and the federal government, he became a CPA (Chartered Accountant) and opened his own accounting firm where he provides consulting and tax advice to clients ranging from law firms, government contractors, technology start-ups, and more. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting one year after graduating high school, subsequently receiving his Master’s Degree in Accounting a year and a half after that. 

“I wanted to create a tool that would outlive me and continue my mission after I’ve left this earth. Also, I use my parents as voice actors so in a way I feel like I’ve immortalized them which makes me happy, too.”

Cultural preservation is very important to Anthony, which led him to begin developing an Esan language learning application inspired from established language learning softwares such as RosettaStone and DuoLingo named “Izesan: Speak Esan!” He also leads a not-for-profit dedicated to educating, connecting, empowering and leading Nigerian diaspora. Anthony also enjoys teaching accounting as an adjunct college professor.