Project LEAD Organises Leadership Lectures for Students


Oluchi Chibuzor

Learn, Exemplify, Accountability and Discipline (LEAD) an initiative focused on teaching and helping students how to develop their potential to become future Leader has organised a seminar on leadership for over 31 students chosen to serve in different capacity as Prefects.

Speaking at the first prefect induction ceremony of Ideal’s Girls’ High School in Lagos recently, the founder, LEAD, Amaka Amalu, said research has shown that there is poor attention to leadership in public secondary schools.

“There are no deliberate subjects or topics in school curriculum and that is why notable organisations such as leadership and entrepreneurship series gave us 40 books, Mofoluwaso Ilebare gave 50 books, Laterna Ventures and Roving Heights all supported us with relevant books that we gave to each students,” she noted.

She said that prefects badges been given to most students are cliches with no plans in place to make this things happens, adding that it the gap observed by the organisation that needed to be close for the benefits of the society at large.

Meanwhile, the President International Women’s Society (IWS), Mrs. Nkoli Ogbolu, encouraged the inductees to see the culture as early intervention in teaching them leadership at formative years, by utilizing every book donated to them and contributing their quota in developing the school by serving as role model.
Amalu added: “I am here to help 31 Prefects in the school understand what leadership is and bring out the potential in them as they contribute in day to day management. This is something I have always been passionate about as I had realized that society makes leadership happens to people , as is not intentional rather is this part of the world or country leadership is accidental, so it just happens to people.

“In private secondary school they are strategic leadership initiative in place to teach leadership, there are subject and modules focus on leadership and entrepreneurship, however in the public school maybe not really which what I am trying to do by partnering with another organisation Leadership and Entrepreneurship series.

“Leadership is bid deal and cannot be hidden and is a concern and something I have observed over time that the government secondary school are more at a disadvantage because they are not intentionally teaching them how to be the leaders of tomorrow.”