Winlot Global Resources Clarifies Winlot Ghana King


West African Boxi The management of Winlot Global Resources has described the recently launched Ghana Game as purely a lottery game and not Sports betting game.

Speaking on the new game, the Marketing Head of the company, Mr. Ayodele Soyombo describes Winlot Ghana King as purely a lottery game for stakers and not in the category of Sports betting game.According to him, Ghana King is the first of its kind in the world! It’s neither Winlot 5/90 regular nor 10/90 nor Double Chance But King, Ghana.

Ghana King offers players more money and a higher chance of winning and it is based on the popular Ghana Games played from Monday to Saturday.

Unlike normal 5/90 game where players play Direct 2,3,4,5 bet or perm the numbers and winner can be declared only from first five drawn balls , Ghana King provide 10 Result numbers for similar bet which include first 5 drawn balls & last five drawn balls together which is also referred to as winning and machine numbers respectively.

Ghana King and other Winlot games can be played only on Winlot POS terminals in Lagos State; where Winlot operates solely and is duly licensed by the Lagos State Lotteries Board.

Soyombo further described the new Ghana King as an innovative platform targeted at creating bigger opportunities for players and agents in the lottery platform. This according to him, is in line with the company’s mission of providing world class lottery service to all stakers and competitor in the industry.