Mobolaji Joins the Mercelo Gustavo Family

Vanessa Obioha

Fast rising musician Mobolaji is a happy man. He recently bunked a recording deal with one of the top Nigerian record label, audio-video production company, Mercelo Gustavo.

The new deal will see the company showcasing Mobolaji to the world through his music.

President/CEO Dijo Group, parent company to Mercelo Gustavo, Innocent Oboh, expressed confidence on Mobolaji’s ability to put back-on-track a music industry that has been accused of lacking content over the years.

According to Oboh “I have always known Mobolaji to be a great talent and all he needed was a credible platform that can make his dreams come true. There is no better platform than Mercelo Gustavo to take him from the point of talent, brand, exposure, management, marketing, positioning, and consumption by music lovers.”

Oboh explained further that his company will offer Mobolaji all the support he needs to succeed in a keenly competitive Nigerian entertainment industry, and globally. “Mobolaji inspires people with his music and this impacts on life which is what music or any work of art should do. While you dance to the instrumental you should also gain value through incisive messages in the music.”

The company also promised to bring in the full weight of all its sister companies to ensure Mobolaji becomes a household name in the world of music.

For the stage-trained talent, it was a dream come true. He expressed great enthusiasm at the recording deal.

“I am so excited and I don’t know where to start. I have been working with Mercelo Gustavo underground on songs that inspire and encourage the mind because that is what Nigerians need now. I want to touch not just the feet of those who listen to my music but more importantly to touch their hearts and inspire them to believe they can make it in life no matter the odds. My kind of music is called Inspirational-Highlife because I inspire and heal with music.”

Mobolaji, whose full name is Mobolaji Okotore, started music from childhood as he was born into a musical family and started performing on stage very early in life.

He is one of few real musicians in Nigeria who can play virtually every instrument including vocals. He is also a music producer and has an in-depth knowledge of a variety of music genres.

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