Mc Chux: I am Driven by Success and Successful People 

Mc Chux

Mc Chux

Chukwuka Ebinum Odigwe, popularly known as Mc Chux, is a professional master of ceremony /compere, a stand-up comedian, actor and brand talk expert. In this interview with Chiemelie Ezeobi, the graduate of Public Administration from Tansian University Umunya, Anambra State and indigene of Kwale in Delta State revealed that he is driven by success and successful people. Excerpts:

What drives you? 

I am most driven and motivated by success and successful people. And more importantly, the joy in making people happy keeps me going.

What issues do you tackle with your jokes?

Ideally, I tell reality jokes. I believe that telling jokes goes beyond making people just laugh. I for one, advocate that a joke should pass a message. Thus, at the end of a joke people don’t just laugh, they should think back and acknowledge that the truth about an issue was said in a funny way. So in that regard, I tell jokes that tackle societal issues, political abnormalities and contemporary issues.

How many years have you been at it and what has been the reception?

I have been telling jokes as far back as I was in junior secondary school. But professionally, I have been in the comedy industry since 2010. (That’s about nine years now). The reception has been smooth. I have carved a niche for myself and have been accepted by friends, family, and fans all over.

How did that journey start for you?

Funny enough the journey wasn’t planned, neither was it coincidental. I had always been a funny and friendly person. I love seeing people happy. I loved listening to senior colleague’s audio and video clips back then until I became the Director of Socials in my university. Back then, I started organising events in school, church and before I knew it, I was being sort after for other events and before I knew it I was in it. I quickly got myself some mentorship to understand the business and here I am.

What are the major challenges you have faced in the course of this journey? 

The challenges have been numerous although I belong to the school of thought that says ” when there is no challenge there no champion”

One of my major challenges as a comedian and  compere are the unprofessionals coming in and out of the business. In Nigeria today, because of the increasing poverty rate, almost everybody sees himself/herself as a comedian and MC. Thus mediocrity is the order of the day. We professionals now get underpriced because there is someone who is ready to do it cheaper. Nevertheless, I believe we would get it right in the nearest future.

Who are your target audience?

Truth be told, when I started this business I saw everyone as my target. But as I advanced,  I saw the need to carve a niche for myself. However, since I tell clean, ethical and family friendly jokes, I targeted my business to the religious, corporate and social circle.

What advice do you have for upcoming comedians?

Upcoming comics should stay focused. I often advise them to have the right mentorship and above all Pray for God’s grace.

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