Amosun Replies Reuben Abati

Ibikunle Amosun

Understandably, there is no better specimen for a whining looser than a political neophyte turned desperado. Abati woefully lost his election bid for the seat of the Deputy Governor in the State, but now vilifies another candidate for losing at the same election when in the disputed election, the candidate he so ferers came ten of thousands ahead of him and his principal candidate, Buruji Kashamu.

He calls it a humiliation. What an irony of life! He quickly jumped boat seeking for relevance and would do anything to assure his pay masters of his loyalty for the sake of crumps. In a decent society, Abati would have recused himself from commenting on the affairs of the government of Ogun State on the platform of a journalist and columnist. At best, he would have presented himself as a politician criticising a political opponent and that would have fore-warned his reader on what weight to attach to his(Abati’s) views. Unfortunately, we live in a society of “anything goes” where decency has taken flight.

Abati must remember that intellectual brigandage and uncharitable statements may achieve initial ephemeral ends, but they cause more self-damage to the individual who wields them.

While he is free to enjoy the latitude of his mischief, the public must not be underserved. They deserve better than what Abati has fed them with. We have a duty to put the records straight and that is why we bother, at all, to respond to his worthless treatise. More so, because Abati still pretends to write as a journalist rather than admit had he has somersaulted into a political acolyte.

• Rotimi Durojaiye is the Special Adviser (Media) to Senator Ibikunle Amosun, Governor of Ogun State.