Eugenia Abu Centre Announces Creative Feast


The Eugenia Abu Media Centre has announced the first edition of her Creative Entrepreneurship programme, the Creative Feast, featuring Nollywood actor Segun Arinze as Lead Facilitator and Faculty.

In a statement by its Deputy Programme Officer, Ms. Iveren Adeyongoin, the centre said the feast “is a one-day event scheduled for April 30 at the Eugenia Abu Media Centre, Maitama Amusement park, Abuja.

The statement said the initiative was to educate young creative entrepreneurs about the process of creative entrepreneurship, how to get in the game and stay in the game, how to source resources for projects and tools and requirements for remaining relevant in the field.

It added that the managing partner of the centre, Mrs. Eugenia Abu would also be on hand “to deal with the subject of creative entrepreneurship and legacy.

“It is erroneously believed that to become a successful actor, photographer, chef and comedian requires little or no work. This initiative will feature successful celebrities who would give masterclasses, one-on-ones, role play and field questions from participants.”

The explained that Abu “is concerned about the youths falling to scams about how they can be stars overnight and offers this golden opportunity at the centre.”