European- American University Honours Jerry with Doctorate Degree


Okpuzor Ezekiel

The European-American University Commonwealth of Dominica African Regional Operations, after observing the impressive works and achievements of Dr Jerry Nwakobi, recently awarded him with a doctorate degree.

Speaking at the press briefing last week in Lagos to recognise the doctorate degree, the Real Estate developer said one of his greatest challenge in his profession was unstable power supply and lack of good roads.

“My greatest challenge in life was as a poor boy, but my greatest challenge in the industry is that there are no helping hands. Also, access roads to the estate should be provided by the government,” he noted.

He stated that corruption has been the key factor why Nigeria still remains undeveloped nation for edges, adding that “the saint will be corrupt after getting elected because when the good ones try to change the system, they end up corrupted by the system.”

On improvement of buildings in the country, the expert urged the government to punish the builders responsible for any collapsed buildings in the country to help others learn their lesson.

He appealed to Nigerians to support and encourage the good eggs, just as he promised that his political ambition into the senatorial seat is to join the good ones and fight corruption.