Bishop David Oyedepo Wins with Canaan City Estate

David Oyedepo

It is all well and good to minister to people’s souls, but without a roof over their heads, clothes on their bodies and food in their stomachs, the sheep will assuredly stray from the flock. Bishop David Oyedepo of Winners Chapel is cognizant of this truth that escapes the mind of other men of God. Hence he always incorporates community schemes into his broader mission of soul winning.

The stupendously rich pastor who presides over one of the biggest congregations in the southern hemisphere is a maverick of no mean repute who has invested far and wide and boasts perhaps the biggest business portfolio in the body of Christ. While it is undeniable that the Overlord of Canaanland attracts wealth by the lorry load, a lesser acknowledged fact is how every scheme he engages in is carried out with the benefit of his burgeoning congregation in mind.

And now the charismatic and explosive man of God is at it again. The dream of a gigantic housing estate-cum-mini city which was floated few years back has materialized. The huge complex of colourful homes and first-rate amenities is said to comprise up to 15 000 residences, ranging from a single bedroom apartment to multi-bedroom mansions.

The best part of the humongous superestate dubbed Canaan City Estate is its self-sustaining model. In a move comparable to the famed Eko Atlantic project, it will have its own markets, parks and gardens, sports centres, pipe-borne water system, police department, fire and medical services, and power generation. Everything will be connected together by a network of fine roads that look like they were transplanted straight from a First-World country.

It is no news that when he founded Covenant and Landmark universities, two of the best private schools in the country, he decreed preferential treatment for members of his church when it comes to admissions. It is more of the same with the current project. According to those in the know, the Canaanland Housing project is adopting a strict “Church Members First” policy before outsiders are considered.

With repayment mortgages of up to 30 years on offer for the houses which are up for sale at mouth-watering prices, the Canaan City Estate has become a hot cake among property lovers who are rushing to buy before the prices balloon out of pocket range.