Former Anambra Chief Judge Joins APGA One Week After Retirement

Peter Umeadi
  • Insists on Igbo Presidency in 2023

By David-Chyddy Eleke in Awka

Justice Peter Umeadi, former Chief Judge of Anambra State who retired about a week ago, has joined partisan politics.

Umeadi on Wednesday declared his interest to participate in politics by joining the All Progressives Grand Alliance(APGA).

He said he took the decision to assist the state governor , Willie Obiano, to govern the state more effectively, and to contribute his quota.

He said, “If you are on retirement and you go to sleep, your brain will go to sleep too. It’s desirable that if you are on retirement you find something doing so that your life will be prolonged through the service you render to people

“So, I have come to my ward today to associate with my people and identify with my ward.

“Any lawful instructions my ward chairman gives me that I shall do. I have come to try my political venture. I call it venture because politics is not do-or-die; politics can be more sporting than that.

“Our governor has done well in changing the fortunes of the state in his five years in office. We must come together and team up with him at any capacity he would want us to serve to ensure further good governance to the people and to our dear state.

“I have thought it wise to join APGA. This will enable me to identify myself to a cause.”

The ex- Chief Judge called on the people of the South-East to work hard to enable them to earn the presidency of the country in 2023.

He said that Igbo should be allowed to choose among them who becomes the president in 2023, without interference from the federal government and other interested persons.

“Igbo have been good partners in the Nigerian project, and they should be allowed to lead this country for at least eight years, without people interfering,” ge said.